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This website provides access to a data set of historic Civil War-related sites in Philadelphia. There are two ways to approach the data:

Browse by Map -- You may browse the data in a map interface by choosing "Browse Map" from the menu bar.

  • You may use the Recenter, Zoom In, and Zoom Out tools to move around the map.

  • You can choose to display all the sites in the database, or limit the display to sites related to a particular historical theme, or sites of a particular type. When you have changed the display settings, make sure to click Update Display to refresh the map.

  • To view the data behind any of the points, choose the Query tool, and click the point. You will receive a list of the sites (dots) that are within a small distance on the screen from where you clicked.

Search the Data -- You may search the data of the site listings by choosing "Search Data" from the menu bar.

  • The sites may be searched by name, street, site type, theme, and whether or not the building or other item still exists.

  • The search looks for the exact text that you provide (uppercase or lowercase does not matter). Start by using just one "key" word -- if you are looking for General Meade's house, just type "Meade."

  • You can select multiple themes by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you select themes. This will let you search for all military hospitals, for instance, by choosing the "Military" theme and the "Medicine" theme.

Site Requirements

The site should run on most browsers, but has one special requirement:

  • Sun Java Plugin - This site requires Java, and we strongly recommend using the Java plugin available for download from Sun by clicking here. We suggest using the "Offline Installation."

If you have problems viewing the maps, it is probably related to an old version of Java. The site works well with JRE 1.5.0_07 or later. Please note that the site may function with Microsoft's JVM or with older versions from Sun, but we cannot guarantee it!

If you know you have a recent version of Sun's Java Plugin installed, but the maps do not load or refresh correctly, make sure Internet Explorer is set to use the Sun JVM. In Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, make sure the item "Use JRE ... for <applet>" under "Java (Sun)" is checked.

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